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File: 1645663953278.gif
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gifs like this ? who made these ?
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File: losefin.gif
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1939 KB
File: 3dfin2.gif
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Sauce on that Anya gif?
i hate 3d shits and realistic drawing, so fucking uncanny
File: mo2.gif
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4278 KB

File: mantis-x.png
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Refrain from posting hyper realistic CG arts
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>> 188 KB
>> 316 KB
File: Tiffany Model 4.jpg
(5404 KB, 3200x1800) [ImgOps]
5404 KB
Kohlchan.net seems to be the last site on the clearnet that is fine with little girls appreciation. There's usually a thread on /int/ and /b/ (but it's in German) and maybe a forgotten Laura thread on /m/
There's also 8ch.pw/cunny/ but it's mostly the few same beta tripfags circlejerking to extremely lackluster Instagram tier pics
>> 159 KB
thank you anon
>> 1002 KB

177 KB
hello, I am the owner of https://lolichan.org , another loli/shota & pedo-friendly imageboard.

one of your ambassadors have made us aware of your existence. it seems our paths are similar yet a little different. obviously, we are much younger of a community.

all things considered, I hope we may learn from each other and prosper. feel free to stop by and chat!
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piss off shill
Sasuga loliach retard

He doesn't represent us so don't feel unwelcome please
nobody cares about your irrelevant copycat, kill yourself
The owner went to the other site and let him make a thread you spastic lmao.

95 KB
The closest a man can get to the real thing (once you add an onahole.)
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File: 1637839.png
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134 KB
>literally admits to being an ironic lolicon
this is the equivalent of jerking off to yaoi then sperging about "faggots"
>real pedos
All ok. Hope you die soon.
>> 107 KB
>i masturbate to kids
>its ironic bro
You will never be a teleiophile.
Is that like a phone fetish?

747 KB
First time poster here, I'm an aspiring writer and try to do my best.

>As Gura gets hit with her heat cycle, she tries to get out of your grip, but struggles against your strength.
>You pull her close, manhandling her 4'7" small, feminine body. Tearing off her bikini bottom, it reveals her in-heat pussy, driving your rutt through the roof.
>As she attempts to get away before her heat cycle consumes her, you tie your tail to hers, and bite into her neck like a vice grip that refuses to let go.
>As she struggles against your grip, under the water, you slowly enter her, worried you'll hurt the young female Great White Shark Demi-Human.
>Slowly sliding into her, her already slick walls sooths your painfully erect cock, causing you to let out a pleasured groan.
>Poking her painfully in-heat womb, she throws her head back as bubbles flow out of her mouth and lets out a barely audible pleasured sigh, her nails digging into your back.
>Her ocean blue eyes half-roll over as you begin prodding her womb with your dick, the slow thrusting of your cock begins to make her succumb to her heat cycle.
>Finding a rhythm, you increase pace, her pained womb begging for seed; the pain residing and turning into pleasure.
>Gripping you tighter, you known she's nearing orgasm when suddenly the tightness on your cock increases tenfold.
>Shifting your gaze up, you see that her eyes are sealed shut and teeth gritted, suddenly her eyes open wide and bubbles rush out of her mouth enmass. A powerful orgasm tearing through her, causing her to scream out in ecstasy, warm fluids encasing your nether regions. She just squirted,
>Nearing your orgasm, you pump into her violently and uncontrolled, the pressure in her pussy begins to increase again and you both orgasm once again at the same time.
>As you both cum, you fill her womb with hot, virile, yogurt like cum into her crying womb, sperm instantaneously targeting her virgin eggs, which are soon to be swarmed.
>As she cums, she coils around you like a vice grip, the pleasure making you roll your eyes back. You still refuse to let her go during the breeding process.
>As you both enjoy your high, you grip each other, tails refusing to let go, and you drift in the ocean current.

Well loli bros, y'all want to write something? What do you think?
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Thanks :D
I am not a good writer myself, but well done and welcome ^_^
Sure why not, idk how long this will be but I'll keep on if people like it.

>By this time of the late suburban summer morning, the recent commute of the local working men to their mind-crushing office work had left the soulless Americana streets almost completely still and silent.
>While most others in the neighborhood had set off, the houses devoid of their cars, you were lucky. Your day off work was looking to be a quiet one. No disturbances, no nice surprises either, just the gray overcast sunlight blaring past the window and onto your lounging body, resting on the couch.
>the door rings
>Of course it'd ring, why would you ever be spared even a small break?
>You make no effort to fix your appearance, black shirt, old and small enough to show a vague but appealing shape of your body and black jeans only for comfort
>You open the door
>There's a timid voice "Hello?" and you look down
>The distinctive green beret and skirt at the first that meet you, next the tan shirt and band of pins that indicated to you who you were looking at, a girl scout, and a cute one at that
>She had to be no older then 13, but her short brunette hair resembled some noir esc look that contrasted with her pale as snow skin, soft and only darkened by her noticeable bags, for a girl scout, she didn't look the type to go out much
>You answer in a soft, inviting greeting for the young, obviously nervous girl, probably here to sell some baked snack or ask for charity donation or whatever girl scouts do,
>"Can I have your name please?" She asks, it catches you off guard, why would a girl scout need your name?
>"I've been asked to do a survey, I'd appreciate it if you could answer some questions?"
>With a face like hers, how could you say no? You give her your name, and oblige her little survey
>Perhaps it's the fact you're almost twice her height, or your obviously impressive fitness, but even with your name her nervous demeanor stays the same
>"Anon, may I...come in?"
>Why would she need to? But fuck she's cute. She's too young to go into a strangers home. But fuck she's cute. But she's so young. But fuck. She's so cute.
>You widen the door, and she trots in. Down the hallway, to the right, into the living area.
>You slowly close the door, slowly.
>Big guy like you, small girl like her, what would people think with you seemingly leading her naive little body into your house,
>You walk into the living room, she's already on the couch
>She's so small, and it's just her
>You're so big, it's just you two
>She's so pinnable, she's so fuckable
>You kick yourself for thinking that, she's too young, way too fucking young
>You walk over, take the couch opposite, looking at her.
>Short, tense silence.
>"Mr Anon...are you relationship with anyone?"
>Good god, why ask that? But you answer; no.
>"When was the last time you were in a relationship?"
>What type of survey is this? A while,

>Que about 20 minutes of awkward questions, awkward silence and a bubbling tension...at least for you

>"One last question...Anon, (She had dropped the mister by now) Can I see your bedroom?"
>Why are you agreeing to this? Why? Just say no, ask to leave, she's going home.

>After about half a minute of hesitation, she's heading up the stairs on her cute little legs
>Up into the bland white upstairs, white a sterile white paint and minimalist furniture
>By the time you're up the stairs a few steps behind her, she's already sitting on your plain black bedding.
>Your mind is racing by now, it's basically being given to you, all you need do is act. You can already feel the heat rising in your cock,
>You go into the room behind her, slowly, fighting yourself in the inside

>She's inspecting the room
>Timid little pushing of the furniture
>She looks at the nearby draws, nothing special. What's she even looking for?
>Closet is tall, and built into the wall
>Drawn out, longing admiring of the bed
>She is scribbling something on her notepad, it seems like everything is in order

>The door closes
>She looks at you
>She goes cherry, fucking, red

>You're naked, fully naked. Cock is rock hard by now, anticipating rough breeding with each throbbing pulse
>Your body is muscular, tall, so much more powerful then her without a doubt. A dominating body.
>9 inches are facing her, getting closer as your heavy legs wade over your dropped clothes
>Now there was no going back, it was practically being given to her, if she kept up like this from house to house it was bound to happen
>So why shouldn't it be you to be the one to spread her cute little legs and rail her fucking loli pussy?
Do continue. Please.

File: 23c3d3bcff48fdaec2fe793228064907.png
(2376 KB, 1054x1549) [ImgOps]
2376 KB
Wasn't aware this site even existed. Nice.

I love images like this.
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File: 10881304_p1.jpg
(124 KB, 566x800) [ImgOps]
124 KB
File: ne_hikari_01.jpg
(764 KB, 660x900) [ImgOps]
764 KB
>> 528 KB
My new wallpaper.
>> 526 KB
I love Anya.
File: 98490188_p2.jpg
(376 KB, 707x1200) [ImgOps]
376 KB

612 KB
chubby lolis
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>> 873 KB
>> 1072 KB
File: 92092466_p20.jpg
(718 KB, 1200x975) [ImgOps]
718 KB
>> 337 KB
>> 467 KB

File: 139769112145.jpg
(197 KB, 1240x605) [ImgOps]
197 KB
Showing differences between different ages
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Oh shut up, either fap in peace or get the fuck out
I cant when there's literal fucking groomers infesting our community

Stop appropriating our fetish, youre the one who needs to get the fuck out
It's painfully obvious that he's talking about depicted age because, like it or not, these are artistic depictions of children, and children ARE real.

You fap to drawings of little kids. It's not a "fetish". You're a pedo whether you like it or not. Get over it.
Lolicon has nothing to do with "children", fictional cartoons are not reality

Show me one "child" with eyes half the size of their head retard pedo
They're artistic depictions. They're obviously not real but that doesn't mean you aren't a pedo for fapping to them. If you fapped to yaoi with hairy sweaty manly-men penetrating each other, you'd be a fag even though they're just drawings.

I like lolis and I like real children, but I can't jack off to real children without getting v&, and honestly sometimes drawings are a lot cuter. Some people only like lolicon and not 3D and don't want to molest real children. That's fine, but they're still pedos. And so are you. Let it sink in: You masturbate to drawings of children.

Go to anyone in society and say "I jack off to drawings of little girls" and see what their response is.

File: 79391419_p0 - Demon Little Girl.jpg
(642 KB, 707x1000) [ImgOps]
642 KB
Who has fills?
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File: Star Nude - Request.jpg
(1044 KB, 2000x2830) [ImgOps]
1044 KB
File: 01 Request.jpg
(1064 KB, 3500x1969) [ImgOps]
1064 KB
File: 01 Christmas Pragmata.jpg
(1542 KB, 2000x2830) [ImgOps]
1542 KB
File: 02 Christmas Pragmata.jpg
(1514 KB, 2000x2830) [ImgOps]
1514 KB
File: 05 Flower.jpg
(1724 KB, 2000x2830) [ImgOps]
1724 KB

File: Onii-chan Wheres My Kiss.png
(1518 KB, 1193x669) [ImgOps]
1518 KB
I saw a thread for loli flash games but nothing for Adult Visual Novels or RPG type games. I'll start with a list of my current favorites, but feel free to add your own. Almost all of the lolis in these games will fall in the hebe range of ages/body type as it's my own preference. If you'd like advice on where to find these, feel free to ask.

--Western Style Art--
The Guardian (incest harem, mostly lolis)
Proud Father (incest harem, half lolis)
Parental Love (incest harem, two lolis)
Apartment #69 (incest harem, half lolis)
Neko Paradise (neko incest harem, four lolis)

--Japanese Style Art--
Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? (incest loli) [pictured]
Teaching Feeling (loli slave romance)
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>puberty age

Oh piss off, lines on paper have no "age"
Awesome. Thanks, might give Hizashi no Naka no Riaru a try later.
Do you have any other classics like Hizashi no Naka to play?
File: 1221727512_awa_title.jpg
(56 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
56 KB
I'd have to check my archives since I haven't accessed them in a long time, but I do have a lot of hentai flash from an artist named moemoe. There's a bit on non-loli mixed into it, but everything's small in file size and fairly well made.

File: some loliboard user.jpg
(180 KB, 800x850) [ImgOps]
180 KB
This thread is for your individual RP ads.

Post them HERE instead of creating a thread of your own, and look for potential partners here as well.

As a common courtesy, you should state the following:

1. Who you are or who you typically play as
2. What themes you're interested in
3. Kink list or something similar (if available), to know you better
4. What kind of writing you're looking for (random one-shot chats? longer stories that take a while to develop? etc)
5. How to contact you - email / f-list / discord / kik / etc
6. When you are typically available - timezone / rough location
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File: 1 (1).jpg
(1468 KB, 2188x3072) [ImgOps]
1468 KB
Kik: r0leplayfan
I am open for no limit (within reason) role play including
-free use

Let's chat if you're interested!
M Dom looking for lolis or shotas.
100% Limitless.
Willing to do any plots you want.
Est timezone
Hit up my discord at Humgrychef#6199
( i have never rped before, so this is me giving it a go )
i’m looking to experiment !
my kik is nyumoe (:
Kik: Hungmomster99

100% limitless and would love to set up a filthy roleplay with some another limitless RPers
File: Screenshot_20220618-105447.png
(253 KB, 1080x2340) [ImgOps]
253 KB
Hello everyone!
Looking for new rps!
I have no limits and will do any plot at all.
Feel free to find me at kik!

File: peguen.jpg
(32 KB, 670x502) [ImgOps]
32 KB
yo, I am on a quest to find as many sites that have a good amount of easily findable loli games. Especially if they are free.

File: 1615380355221.png
(807 KB, 1300x1731) [ImgOps]
807 KB
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File: 6798265.jpg
(237 KB, 1052x744) [ImgOps]
237 KB
File: 9295716.png
(99 KB, 871x674) [ImgOps]
99 KB
Happy 1K Loliboard!
File: 1b886853a41f0cefa601165b68049c2c.jpg
(758 KB, 1489x2105) [ImgOps]
758 KB
File: 1637495635532.png
(3271 KB, 2610x2706) [ImgOps]
3271 KB
File: f20a40d3263524298c2a7982474ff157.jpg
(608 KB, 2400x3400) [ImgOps]
608 KB

File: lolibooru 445201 sample.jpg
(246 KB, 1144x1300) [ImgOps]
246 KB
post here links to loli related booru's/boards/websites

do not post links to irl stuff or realistic 3dcg, that is against the rules of the website
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pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/
-search by artist? i dont use it

-no loli but some small breasts and flat chest stuff
-the flatchest subreddits...
-it is reddit, mainly brainless reposts
-account needed, not private/anon!

roriland/loliconland: https://roriland.info/
-storys, japanese
-3d, some 2d
I can try making a static page here on loli3.net for lolicon resources
like https://dawa.fka.cx/misc/cunny.html but bigger and with proper descriptions
Japanese art sites (2D, 3D):

* https://nijie.info/index.php
* https://www.pixiv.net/
maybe a list can be made like the 2021 url thread on lolicit?
it has chapters dedicated to, games, images, videos, various sources, novels...

File: -3317b4147dc4f51b.gif
(1025 KB, 578x274) [ImgOps]
1025 KB
Post resources
Here's a fuckhuge folder with drawing guides for pretty much everything: https://mega.nz/folder/UcNG2AiT#jeyWwP1gtQXXz6R29o5bgw/folder/sddDyarD
I found it a while ago, and probably has something about lolis considering that there's a whole guide for drawing shotas (https://mega.nz/folder/UcNG2AiT#jeyWwP1gtQXXz6R29o5bgw/folder/VFVjhSKb).
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Do you know any such imageboards/bulletin boards that the japs use? For research purposes of course <3
Seems really nice to have that for references, im jealous of japanese loli artists
the game is:
The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters

it looks good but if you want a heavily costumizable hentai game, COM3D2 is way better
File: Abby.jpg
(513 KB, 2117x2089) [ImgOps]
513 KB
File: Abby 2.jpg
(613 KB, 2297x2525) [ImgOps]
613 KB

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