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File: 536845858.jpg
(444 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
444 KB
What happened?
I can’t see anything
File: 10b.jpg
(586 KB, 1414x2000) [ImgOps]
586 KB
Who knows?
I heard we will migrate to vichan off kokonotsuba, and our threads got wiped by the soyjak scum
Whats the link to the new website?
good thing I saved all the doujinshi links from that loli doujin thread then
Share pls
>> 2731 KB
How do I volunteer for becoming meido?
>our threads got wiped by the soyjak scum
Why were there no backups?
Get in contact with kaguya
mail - [email protected]
discord - kaguya#8604
irc - kaguya on irc.kolyma.net (you may not get an immediate answer)

It would be a bit too expensive to backup regularly
A site owned by the same guy that owns the biggest soyfag site. Ironic.

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