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File: 012905.jpg
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Post a loli every time you visit
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hewwo everyone!
File: 92476.jpg
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Hey, welcome!
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File: sisters_pc_1900x1200.jpg
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Anyone know where to get the loli mods for sims 4
File: 1646515070320.jpg
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Have you really never heard about atf? Aka allthefallen...

File: 1668188457246200.gif
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Come on guys, let's keep this going. This is some great stuff!
then post something yourself you dumb fucks
>> SWF Embed
Different styled one
File: girlfin.gif
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One for any

File: 1668864214721611m.jpg
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-. .. --. --. . .-. ...
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File: 1664132043942445.gif
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Good art on Twitter btw
File: 1667221302958683m.jpg
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File: IMG_20220812_115740_806.jpg
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Mmm guro
File: 1678914738006.jpg
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File: 1678914751129.jpg
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Post your loli drawings
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File: anal beads.jpg
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Very nice. Love the detail.
I haven't drawn anything loli lately sadly.
File: creampie 2.jpg
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Thank you. Hope you keep drawing soon.
File: plap plap plap.jpg
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looks like he is slapping his tummy to her butt, but cute

File: army brat.jpg
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When the cake eats you...
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File: shot7b.jpg
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File: shot7a.jpg
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Whoops I accidentally'd the last post.
File: small kiss.jpg
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I guess I had more than I thought.
These are awesome, thanks for the dump
File: 108619523_p0.png
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File: string13d.png
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File: string14.jpg
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File: undress2.jpg
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That's all I have on hand.
Should my next dump be another h-manga or something like this thread?
I will fap to whatever you dump!
Your standards are too low

File: 01.png
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This thread is a continuation of >>4092

[Inuboshi] How to Be a Good Kid
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File: 21.png
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File: 22.png
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File: 23.png
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File: 24.png
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Thanks again

File: 3ec35fdfaffd9d70493af7ae6c9d7f10.png
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Much more better than flat chested loli tbh
you could easily fit it all in your mouth...
File: 36721840b17a906ca06ede29b2a9ba5a.png
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>> 1459 KB
I know what you mean, but it's hard to filter for images with this specific shape.
>> 377 KB

File: ema01cleanfix.png
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Here's a collection of loli mangas by Inuboshi. Like last time I'll post them one at a time to make them more digestible.

First up: [Inuboshi] A Young Girl's Melancholy -Ema's Case-
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File: Having Ice Cream Outside_18.png
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File: Having Ice Cream Outside_19.png
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File: Having Ice Cream Outside_20.png
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Nice to see someone else on here while I post. Are you liking this thread so far?
I get notifications for all new posts ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Yes I liek it, but keep in mind this software can't handle threads bigger than few hundreds of posts - it usually starts to have issues around 400~ posts
Ah, I'll post the rest to a new thread then. Thanks.

File: IMG_5566.jpg
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I’m horny so here

File: 4_557.png
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File: IMG_20220812_120543_081.jpg
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File: IMG_20220812_120533_621.jpg
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Last story thread got nuked, here's another with a story I wrote. Feel free to add.
"Confessions of a Camp Counselor."

>Be me, 19
>Camp counselor over the summer, somewhere in rural Oregon. Hosting this girl-scout group over the summer, most of which seemed more keen to be with the female counselors
>Can't really blame them, I was tall and muscular with dark hair and the only male counselor so I mostly kept safety watch.
>This one girl always seemed to hangout by herself, and got repeatedly bulled by this seemingly more popular ginger chick.
>Skin was pale, bordering on sickly with short black hair and dark eyes. The other counselors seemed to take it easy on the ginger, named Brittany who seemed to torment the pale girl, named Violet.

>One time, during an archery lesson a fight seemed to break, more so the ginger girl wailing on Violet, the first time I really had to step in.
>Needless to the say, most of these 13 year old girls held off the moment I showed up.
>The odd part was, that Violet hugged me, yet I had never spoken to her. She was so small compared to me which I suppose made me feel even worse for her.

>I decided to take to the nearby lake with me for a private talk.
>Typical "Are you okay?", "Is she bullying you?" type questions. She said yes to all but god knew if the others would have bothered to actually punish the ginger one.
>I could tell Violet was pretty worn out, that from-a-bad-home energy some kids have just by how they look.
>She confessed she was hit at home and that she was sent to summer camp by her mother who seemingly hated her.
>The fact she admitted all this to just after one conversation seemed to indicate how lonely she truly was.

>So, every now and then I would take to the lake for a little "heart to heart" chat like some mild therapy I suppose.
>I began to notice how much she attracted me, someone 6 years older then her.
>Her tiny, pale body, her cute meek personality ripped at me.
>I was tormented by how hot I found this girl who was so young. Kept up in my tent with thoughts of her body then burning guilt.

>A bit later, there was a pretty serious incident with Brittney and Violet in their communal tent, at about sunset, the other counselors agreed to let me take to the lake for another chat.
>The energy of the lake at sunset, alongside her cute body kept distracting me from our cookie-cutter check-up.
>I looked down at her.
>My mind kept repeating "Don't fucking do it," trying to ward off my temptation
>"Truth is, Anon, you're the only person I feel comfortable around" She confessed, getting closer
>"You will ruin your fucking life," my mind screeched
>Violet hugged me, placing her face next to mine, and I acted.
>I gently moved her face to meet mine and without hesitation shoved my tongue down her soft, adolescent mouth. She didn't seem to fight back at all, only falling limp as I got on top of her.
>"Have you done this before?" I asked as I rushed to take off my sweaty camp uniform.
>She told me she did, mainly with her stepfather. Taken slowly aback I only whispered "I'll be better."
>Down to only my boxers, I began to undress her as she laid still on the forest floor, letting me kiss her neck with each item removed.
>I took off her small bra to reveal her pale. flat chest. I was as hard as a rock as this point kissing her neck and chest between fiddling with her black panties, our clothes a strewn mess around us.
>When I got to see her smooth, bald pussy, any reservation in my mind was gone as I slipped my boxers down my thighs.
>My cock hung between her legs, 7 inches and waiting to break her in. Her small size in comparison to me only elevated against my muscular body that towered over her
>I slowly placed the head of my cock against her pussy, and pressed in. Her legs and arms wrapped around me, tightening with the sensation. I skipped any foreplay, pushing straight down to the hilt and barging into her womb.
>I wasted no time in missionary fucking her hard into the forest dirt, her soft moaning only beckoning me to push harder as my balls slapped against her plump ass
>I lifted my body up and used my arms to push her into my cock as if she was a ragdoll, her moans by this point bordering on screams as my large member slammed into her petite body
>Each thrust got harder and faster, my mind ignoring the fact that I, a camp counselor was currently railing a 13 year old camper, my mind growing cloudy closer to climax
>I quickly pulled my cock out of her ravaged pussy, cumming ropes onto her tiny body and falling limp next to her
>After a while of lying together staring up at the now starry sky, I lifted her gently.
>I walked to the lake, both of us still naked
>I washed my cum off her, kissing her gently on her tiny body as I went.
>When we were finished and dried I drove back to camp, her lying her head on my shoulder asleep
>I had decided that she was too good for this place, these people and I was too. We would run away together

File: 10614p.jpg
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74 KB
File: 1680270883802.jpg
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8h01 is now 1teengirl. c o m

File: FzN-cxHaIAAHGzJ.jpg
(423 KB, 1814x2409) [ImgOps]
423 KB
Aaawhh too baaad oji-san~ You can't fap to lolis anymore *smirks*
File: 1.png
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Who says that!?
Not much activity...

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